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…and what to do about them! It’s that time of year when the days get shorter…and sometimes so do our tempers. We have a “shorter fuse” when we’re tired, so it’s important to know where to put your energy–mentally and physically. It’s time to take the reigns of your brain. This will take effort, but […]


The 5 biggest energy sucking mindsets

We live in a society that bases worth almost exclusively on what the eye can see. Sadly, the value of a human being has been condensed down to external conditions such as of looks, money, or possessions. And worse yet, it’s almost impossible to escape these “norms” due to the billions of dollars put towards […]


The biggest LIES society tells you about your worth and happiness

Is stress good or bad for you? How to change bad stress to feel better.


Is Stress Good or Bad for you?

snap out of your funk with a 5 minute happiness reset!


The 5 Minute Happiness Reset

“As a grown woman, I am still learning that I get to make up the rules of my life. And so do you.”

Radical Awareness

Seize YOUR Day

How to shift your perspective by changing your view and your thoughts

The difference between happy people and miserable ones is simple: happy people think happier thoughts! Just think about that for a moment. Essentially all that’s standing in your way between right now and a happier version of you and your life – are your thoughts! Of course, I understand that you might be feeling stuck […]

Radical Happiness

How to DIY Your Happiness

Girl, you’re more than that. “More than what?” you ask? More than all those external parameters that we measure ourselves by. You know the ones—all the numbers we assign meaning to as if we didn’t have a choice. The number of friends or followers we have How many “likes” we get The number on the […]

Radical Worth

Stop playing the comparison game (someone always loses)

Your brain is like a dog with a bone. This can be awesome or terrible, depending on which “bone” you decide to chew on. Let me get real with you for a sec. This summer my family had planned a vacation to Hawaii. My husband grew up there and for the past 15 years we’ve […]

Radical Awareness, Radical Happiness

How to change the way you feel about your life

If you missed this post, it’s where we started this conversation. We had just gotten to the topic of GRACE. But grace is so critical, and such a foundation to our peace and happiness that it deserves its own space. So, here we are. Grace. This is the first step to finding true happiness. It’s […]

Personal, Radical Happiness

Why Grace leads to everything else

It’s one of two reasons: Through a random chain of unexplainable clicks on the interwebs, you somehow landed here and you don’t know how it happened, but for whatever reason, you’re still reading this (so I promise to make it good!) You are here on purpose and reading this because you are ready to feel […]

Radical Happiness

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