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I'm so excited you're here! It means you're serious about claiming your best life, and now you've finally found the solution.

You are ready to feel mentally strong, emotionally fit, and completely empowered.

All of this is possible for you when you begin the exciting journey of mastering your mind! Guiding my clients through the process is an honor and joy.

Investing in your physical health has been a no-brainer, and now you're seeing the benefits of investing in your mental health as well. I salute you on taking this massive step in your life for complete mental health.

Hey there,

sometimes all you need is the right "personal trainer."

fact: whether your mindset is
 mushy or firm, 
It's never too late to "change your mind"
and feel better than you do now.

I am a life coach who can help you see your problems (what's causing you emotional pain), find your own solutions, and give you exercises that will help you sustain a healthier mindset for the rest of your life.

I'm Sarah, founder of The Mind Firm,
and I am that trainer.

you are someone who is ready to uplevel.

you recognize the need for a mentor to take you through this process and are ready to do the mental work required to morph into the 2.0 version of yourself.

you're tired of feeling miserable. you're ready to build emotional resilience, mental agility, and a firm mind.

This is not for the faint of heart.

Radical results come from deep work. If you're finally ready to fight for your happiness, we are ready too.


Who is this for?

update: enrollment full for 2021

and life!

A physical trainer is for those at the gym who want to kick it up a notch.
A mental trainer does the same thing for your mind.


Watch as you feel your life, relationships, and outlooks all start improving from month one!

See Radical Results


Jump right in from day one to start seeing results from the daily workouts.

workout your brain with our monthly modules


You've been looking for help, now it's time to start the journey!

get ready for a mindset makeover!

how it works


Sarah is amazing! I felt like she related to me so easily, it was effortless to open up to her, and she gave me wonderful tools to help myself get through my issues. Her tools were something I could put to use the same day, and I’m positive I’ll use them forever. 100% recommend!

Sarah is easy to talk to. Even when I felt blank, she helped me verbalize and clarify my thoughts. My decisiveness has improved and I am more aware of my sabotaging thoughts that undermined my efficiency and success. I made progress on tasks that were paralyzing me with overwhelm and indecision.



Sarah is a wonderful coach. She is eminently skilled and absolutely trustworthy. She tailored every single session to my needs and goals. Her warmth, her compassion and her insight contributed to our rich conversations and I continue to use all that I gained through our coaching in achieving my long-term goals.

client love

and it all begins with a fit mind

your new life is waiting

It's a busy time for me. How much time should I plan to invest in myself each week? 

How long will I have access to the course material?

I'm worried this won't work for me because _________ (fill in the blank).

How is a life coach different from a therapist?

Fear not! Due to the flexible nature of the monthly modules, you can easily go at your own pace. This looks different for everybody. That being said, the more you're willing to invest in you, the bigger and faster your transformation will be.

Decide now how much time you'd like to devote each day. You will be amazed at what even 10 minutes of daily mind exercises will do for you. I recommend setting aside a specific time of day to mentally "work out." 

For always! When you become a member of The Mind Firm, the information you receive will be available for instant download. We recommend having a special folder for your mind-training material on your computer for easy access.

You'll receive a monthly calendar with links to daily exercises, worksheets, and other fun surprises that I just can't giveaway just yet. You'll be able to refer back to those as often as you need to.

You'll also receive a call recording from our monthly one-on-one coaching tune-ups so you can be present during the calls without worrying about taking copious notes.

There are several differences, but most notably, therapy dives into the past, while life coaching uses present thinking to create your FUTURE. Both are useful and necessary modalities.

In addition, therapists are trained to work with true chemical imbalances and prescribe medication for individuals who require it. Life coaching works with "mental imbalances" due to thought errors. We prescribe mental workouts and mind exercises to train your brain.

Here at The Mind Firm, we start with the "root system" and work our way up, month by month, until you have the tools, skills and framework to create true emotional resilience and mental health.

I've got answers!


"and their minds are firm..."

-Alma 57:27